Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) 2nd Special Issue on Covid 19 Challenges January 2022        Pp.1-2



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Exploring Online Writing Assessment Amid Covid-19: Challenges and
Opportunities from Teachers’ Perspectives

Abdullah Al-Bargi


EFL Students’ Self-Regulated Learning Strategies during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Do Minh Hung


Teaching the Challenging Content of Phonology during Covid-19 Pandemic

Awad H. Alshehri


Sustainability of Foreign Language Education at a Slovak University during  COVID-19 Global Pandemic

Olena Hundarenko, Eva Leláková & Beatrix Bačová

  48 -63

Exploring Teachers and Students’ Perceptions towards Emergency Online Learning Intensive English Writing Course during COVID-19 Pandemic

Hebah Asaad Hamza Sheerah,  Meenakshi Sharma Yadav, May Ali Elzein Fadl Allah & Ghazwa Jalal Abdin


The Reshaping of Professional Discourse among Young Military Leaders
during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Ukraine

Nataliya Bhinder


Attitudes and Perspectives of Saudi Female Medical Students towards Online EFL Education under COVID-19 Circumstances

Seham Elashhab


 Oral English Development in Virtual Class among Chinese Learners through Three Ways of Talking

Yang He & Abdul Rahim Salam


Investigating Saudi Female Students’ Familiarity of Word-Formation Processes Related to COVID-19 Pandemic Terminology

Salma Musleh Alqahtani


An Exploratory Study into EFL Teachers’ Implementation of New Technologies and Distance Teaching During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Marzena Foltyn & Krzysztof Polok


Google Meet during COVID 19 Pandemic: When Teachers Raise the Challenge

Benmansour Souheyla


Exploring the Use of WhatsApp for Teaching Speaking to English Language  Learners: A Case Study

Aishah Albogami & Ghazi Algethami


A Systematic Review of Online Learning during COVID 19: Students’ Motivation, Task Engagement and Acceptance

Mujahid Mohtar &  Melor Md Yunus


Transition to Online EFL Teaching in Saudi Arabian Universities during  the COVID-19 Outbreak

Saad Eid Albaqami & Dhaif Alzahrani


The Implementation of E-Learning to Support Learning and Teaching Foreign Language: A Case Study in Ukrainian Higher Education

Nataliia Tymoshchuk


The Attitudes of Public-School Teachers towards E-learning in Saudi Arabia

Mona Ali Alasmari


Perceptions of University Faculty of Saudi Arabia towards Online Classes Conducted During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Bala Swamy Chatta, Mohammad Imdadul Haque & M. Madhu Sudhan Rao 


Do Online Classes help EFL Learners Improve their English Language skills? A Qualitative Study at a Saudi University

 Mohammed Madi Albogami


Recent Trends of Blended Learning and Flipped Classroom in Malaysia

Choy Soon Tan, Norhayati Zakuan &  Mohd Ismail Abd Aziz


Attitudes of learners at the Arabic Language Institute at King Abdulaziz University towards Online Collaborative Writing during Covid-19 Pandemic

Mohammed Alwaleedi


Teachers’ Perspectives towards Teaching English Online at the Tertiary Level in Saudi Arabia

Ghazi Algethami


The Effects of Writing in a Class Blog on Saudi EFL Students’ Attitudes towards Writing in English

Sultan Samah A Alenezi


The Use of Blackboard in the Practice of English-Speaking Skills among Saudi EFL Learners during COVID-19 

Emran Ismail Al-Oqaily, Abdul Rahim Hj Salam & Dr. Kew Si Na

342 -355

The King Abdulaziz University COVID-19 e-vaccine: An Evaluation of the Emergency Training Knowledge Model

Hisham Jameel Bardesi & Ibrahim Garba

356 -376

Socrative as a Formative Assessment Tool in English for Specific Purposes Course

Maryna Kolisnyk, Yuliya Kornytska, Olga Ogurtsova & Olga Sokyrska


Investigating the Electronic Examinations’ Quality from Faculty Members’ and Students’ Experiences and Perspective

Maria Altaib Badawi  & Faiza Abdalla Elhussien  


Teacher Training for Online Education in Oman: A Case Study at Two English Language Teaching Institutions

Osman Erdem Yapar & Chinthana Sandaruwan Dayananda

411- 425

Taiwanese engineering students’ self-efficacy and academic performance

Nga Thi Tuyet Phan & Cheng-Hu Chen


Investigating the Intrinsic Motivation among Second Language Learners in Using Digital Learning Platforms during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Zuraina Ali


An Investigation of Malaysian Secondary School Teachers and Students’ Perspectives towards Computer Technology in Education during the Covid‑19 Pandemic

Rajantheran Muniandy, Sillalee S.Kandasamy, Manimaran Subramaniam & Atieh Farashaiyan


Interaction in E-Learning Setting through Teaching English as Foreign Language by Native-English Teachers: E-Classroom Discourse

Eissa. Al Khotaba

466 – 478

Exploring the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Rural English FAL Teachers’ Lesson Planning

Mosebetsi Mokoena

479- 491

Learning in the Algerian Context during the Pandemic: Is it online or offline?

Nadia Ghounane

492- 503