About Us

Welcome to the Arab World English Journal (AWEJ). AWEJ is a refereed, peer-reviewed, and open-access e-journal for scholars, researchers, teachers, and officials of the English language. 

With the coming of globalization and E-era, there is a general consensus among most scholars, educationalists, and policy makers that English language is the language and the tool of globalization and internationalization. Globalization has the power to make English language universal.. Although the distance between countries has become closer, the competition is getting fiercer. Therefore, the ministries and departments of education as well as universities in most of countries of the world have launched quantum activities to develop and update their English teaching programs to cope with the new challenges.

Most Arab countries teach English language as part of their public education, but unfortunately, educators, teachers, and officials are unhappy with these programs due to the poor results, outcomes and performances of many students. Hence, it is easy to note that the quality of instruction has inhibited students’ English language proficiency over the years. In addition,, there are several other key issues like the growing disparity in competence in English among students and a lack of English competence among many teachers who have not effectively advanced the language.

The Arab World English Journal has a clear vision of the current situation of English teaching and learning in the Arab countries, and through AWEJ we hope to establish a forum for lively professional discussion to promote the development of links between language-related research and its application in educational and other professional settings. We believe that as globalization continues to make the world a smaller place, we need to make certain that students gain the skills and knowledge to excel in whatever careers they pursue.

AWEJ is only possible with great support from the international community as reflected by the diversity of our editorial board members, whom I would like to thank personally. We very much welcome your feedback and invite you to share your experiences and insights.

Prof. Dr. Khairi Obaid Al-Zubaidi
Editor: Arab World English Journal (AWEJ)