Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Volume 10. Number 1. March 2019                                            Pp. 324 – 334

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 The Effect of Blended Learning on EFL Students’ Grammar Performance and Attitudes: An Investigation of Moodle


Khaleel Bader Al Bataineh
Art Faculty, Irbid National University, Irbid Jordan

Ala’Eddin Abdullah Ahmed Banikalef
School of English Language and Literature, Faculty of Arts
and languages, Jadara University, Irbid Jo Bataineh rdan

Abeer H. Albashtawi
Luminus Technical University College, Irbid Jordan



Empowering new generations with technology through employing blended learning approach to teach English as a Foreign Language has been recently investigated by many researchers in various contexts. This mixed-methods study aimed at examining the effects of the blended learning approach on Jordanian EFL learners’ grammar performance. The study also aimed at investigating the attitudes of Jordanian EFL learners toward blended learning. To achieve the objectives of the study, it employed a quasi-experimental design (pre and posttests) followed by qualitative interviews. The participants were divided into two groups: experimental and control groups. Among the 28 students in the sample, those in the experimental blended learning group (n=13) were taught using Moodle while those in the control group (n=15) were taught using conventional methods. All the 13 participants in the experimental group were interviewed. The results of the posttest revealed that students in the experimental group outperformed students in the control group. Furthermore, the qualitative analysis results showed that blended learning had a positive impact on the learners’ English grammar performance and that they were strongly satisfied and motivated to learn English using similar methods. It is concluded that blended learning could be used as an effective method of teaching English grammar in EFL settings. It is hoped that these results will help the university, faculty, and students to develop the skills necessary for blended learning.

Keywords: attitude, blended learning, EFL students, grammar, Moodle, Performance

Cite as:  Al Bataineh, K. B., Banikalef, A.A.A., & Albashtawi A. H. (2019).  The Effect of Blended Learning on EFL Students’ Grammar Performance and Attitudes: An Investigation of Moodle.Arab World English Journal, 10 (1)324-334


Khaleel Bader Al Bataineh, PhD. is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Arts, Department of
English Language and its Literature, Irbid National University, Irbid, Jordan. He is also the director
of INU Library. His research interests are applied linguistics, e-learning, blended learning,
language in use, language analysis, speech acts and their role in communication and sociolinguistic