Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Special Issue on CALL No.3 July 2016                                          Pp. 123-140

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Teachers and Students’ Attitudes towards Using Mobile-Assisted Language Learning
in Higher Education

Department of English, Faculty of Letters & Foreign Languages
Batna-2 University, Algeria 

Department of English, Faculty of Letters & Foreign Languages
Batna-2 University, Algeria



Mobile -assisted language learning (MALL) is considered as a new multidisciplinary field of educational technology. Recently, this new wave of technology has gained its popularity among students due to the widespread of various mobile technologies to enhance learning. The current study endeavors to investigate the attitudes of EFL teachers and learners at the University of Batna 2 towards the effectiveness of mobile- assisted language learning. The research methodology used in this study is the descriptive.  Thus, the data were collected by using of questionnaires. The questionnaires were distributed randomly to eighty (80) master students, and fourteen (14) teachers of English at Batna 2 University. From the questionnaire, both quantitative and qualitative data were collected and analyzed. The findings of this study revealed that both teachers and students of English have positive attitude towards the effectiveness of    MALL. Likewise, both showed their agreement on the potential of MALL as a promising approach for teaching and learning foreign languages. Listening, speaking, reading, and culture are identified as the main aspects of language that can be taught and enhanced by integrating mobile technologies. Students have shown both their willingness and motivation to adapt their mobile devices for language learning; however, some teachers showed that mainstreaming mobile education is still early. The finding suggests that more time, pedagogical infrastructure, and training is required. Accordingly, the results of this study will serve as a foundation for coming researchers to investigate mobile learning in depth.
Key words: Attitudes, EFL teachers and students, higher education, mobile assisted language learning


Ms. SAIDOUNI Khawla is a first year doctoral student in teaching English as a foreign
language in the department of English at Batna 2 University. She got her Master degree in 2015.
She has been a part- time teacher since 2009. She is interested on how to use and implement
mobile technologies such as smart phones and tablets to enhance English language learning.