Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Special Issue: The Dynamics of EFL in Saudi Arabia, December 2019   Pp.137-153

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Saudi EFL Learners’ Perceptions about the Teaching of English by Native and Non-
native English Teacher

Abdul Qadeer
Faculty of Languages and Translation, King Khalid University
Guraiger Campus, Abha, Saudi Arabia
Faculty of Languages and Linguistics
University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



The issue of native English-speaking teachers (NESTs) and non-native English speaking teachers (NNESTs) has been controversial in debates by all the stakeholders. There is a variation in the imparting of knowledge and working style by these two different groups of teachers due to their educational and cultural backgrounds. The main aim of the study is to investigate the students’ positive or negative perceptions related to the learning of English by their NESTs & NNESTs at King Khalid University. Also, it does stand to answer the main question of this study that to whom do the learners in Saudi Arabia perceive as their ideal group of English language teachers among their NESTs & NNESTS at various levels? The study is significant specifically to investigate the Saudi EFL learners’ preferences about the teaching performance of their teachers regarding content knowledge, teaching methodology, interaction with learners as well as personal characteristics of native English speaking, non-native Arabic speaking English teachers and non-native Asian English teachers. The research method included the quantitative approach. The data was collected through a questionnaire from a sample of 136 participants at the department of English, KKU. The findings indicated that NESTs & NNESTs have a number of strengths and weaknesses. However, the findings recommended that the collaborative model of NESTs & NNESTs can be more successful for teaching of English as a foreign language in Saudi context.
Keywords: English as a foreign language (EFL), native English-speaking teachers (NESTs), non-native English-speaking teachers (NNESTs), perceptions

Cite as: Abdul Qadeer, A. (2019). Saudi EFL Learners’ Perceptions about the Teaching of English by Native and Non-native English Teacher. Arab World English Journal, Special Issue: The Dynamics of EFL in Saudi Arabia. 137-153.


Abdul Qadeer has been working as a Lecturer in English at King Khalid University, Abha, Saudi
Arabia since 2003. He did his M.A in English literature from University of the Punjab, Lahore,
Pakistan and M.Ed. from the University of Karachi, Pakistan. Currently, he is working on his Ph.D.
at the Faculty of Languages and Linguistics, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.