Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Special Issue on CALL No.3 July 2016                                            Pp.155-168

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New Technology and the Process Based Approach to Writing 

Sana Lamtara
Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences Ben M’Sik
Hassan II university-Mohammedia-Casablanca, Morocco



Writing is one of the most important skills in English language teaching. Yet, the writing skill is not always easy for both teachers and learners. For teachers, writing instruction usually poses difficulties at the level of implementation as well as learners’ involvement. As for learners, the production of coherent and meaningful pieces of writing can be problematic due to lack of linguistic competence, writing mechanisms and a learning context. The aim of the present paper is to remediate the aforementioned difficulties that both teachers and learners encounter through a writing activity. This writing activity is a qualitative research method as it is a descriptive case study which demonstrates how technology enhances the different stages of the process writing activity. It has been found that the use of technology reinforces the implementation of the process based approach to writing. This facilitates writing instruction and offers new opportunities for both teachers and learners. Besides, this writing activity adheres to the following pedagogical theories: cognitive constructivism, social constructivism and Behaviourism which are in favor of knowledge construction, collaboration, associative learning and reinforcement. The recommendation part explains that technology is not only limited to the writing skill and refers to some examples of web 2.0 tools that can be used for the teaching of English as a foreign language. Another recommendation refers to the last stage of the process writing activity, publishing, which must benefit from available online services in order to gain wider access and communication.
Key WordsEnglish as a foreign language, learning theories, process based approach to writing, technology, writing instruction


Sana LAMTARA is a teacher trainer in the English Department in the Regional Center of Education
and Training in Casablanca (Centre Régional des Métiers de l’Education et de la Formation, CRMEF).
She taught the English language for about 11 years in different public high schools in Morocco. She is
a Ph. D candidate in the department of communication at Hassan II University, Ben M’sik Faculty
Casablanca. She has a Master degree in Moroccan American Studies from Hassan II University, Ben
M’sik Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences.