Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Proceedings of 1st MEC TESOL Conference 2018                          Pp. 146-154

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Enhancing English Language Teaching through Films in General Foundation Programs


  Praveen Alluri
General Foundation Program
Faculty of English, Mazoon College
Muscat, Sultanate of Oman




Enhancing English Language Teaching (ELT) through films in General Foundation Programs (GFPs), Oman is a practical research paper which aims at exploiting of technologies in ELT in order to develop linguistic competence and learner autonomy of students in the GFP. Research in communicative approach to language has shown that competence in oral and written language grows as the learners actively use the language in and out of the classroom. The aim of this paper is to engage learners in activities that demand their autonomous participation and develop linguistic competence and learner autonomy. The vital question every teacher has to ponder upon is “Can we expect what was taught in the previous class is retained in the next class?” The present study focuses on how films can aid in enhancing ELT in the GFP in Oman. The research data collected will be empirical and qualitative in nature. GFP students will be the main subjects of this research. The research will be carried out on different levels and groups in the GFP. The activities based on films expose the learners to authentic language input, help them learn how language operates and challenge them to use the language independently. The rich visual imagery, the action and motions of the films deliver the learners with multi-sensory involvement (Arcario, 1993). Infusing technology into Education serves a variety of purposes in language teaching. The observation of cultural aspects such as traditions helps to understand the function of the language. By this pragmatic approach an innovative teacher can aid students’ critical thinking skills as well as their linguistic competence. Hence it is suggested that a judicious selection of digital materials along with several learner-friendly tasks can be incorporated in syllabus of ELT.
Key WordsELT, GFP, films, learner autonomy, linguistic competence

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