Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Volume 9. Number 4. December 2018                                   Pp.337-346

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Using Task-Based Learning with Students of Academic English 

Chorthip Viriya
Language Institute, Thammasat University, Thailand




The purposes of this study were to study the effects of using task-based learning (TBL) to teach English for Academic Purposes (EAP) students and to explore their opinions towards TBL at Thammasat University. Forty students were chosen via purposely selected sampling. The research instruments included a reading and writing pretest-posttest, a speaking pretest-posttest, and a questionnaire. The questionnaire was divided into three parts: the students’ demographic information, the students’ opinions about Pre-Task, During Task or Task Cycle, and Post-Task, as well as their additional opinions and suggestions of TBL. The data was statistically analyzed by mean, standard deviation, and t-test for dependent samples.  The results of this study indicated that the reading-writing and speaking abilities of EAP students through TBL after the experiment were significantly higher at the .05 level. Similarly, they were highly satisfied to study with TBL.
Keywords:  English language teaching, language teaching approach, task-based learning, teaching English as a foreign language

Cite as: Viriya, C. (2018). Using Task-Based Learning with Students of Academic English.
Arab World English Journal, 9 (4), 337-346.


Chorthip Viriya is an English lecturer/researcher at the Language Institute, Thammasat
University, Thailand. Her research interest focuses on task-based learning, task-based learning in
English, language teaching tasks, language-teachingapproach es, and English language learning
and teaching.