Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Special Issue on Translation No.4 May, 2015                         Pp.253-268

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The Translational Impact of Gender Sensitization on the Palestinian Society  

 Omar Yousef Najjar
Department of English Language and Literature
Al-Quds University, Jerusalem
Samah Shahin




Recently, an encyclopedic volume of research has focused on the concept of gender in translation. This study examines the impact of gender sensitivity on the Palestinian society through analyzing academic regulations, newspaper advertisements, and official circulars in both Arabic and English in Palestinian institutions. It also shows that cultural differences in Arabic and English adversely affect how gender issues are addressed, revealing that Palestinian translators tend to resist the gender sensitivity that restricts their translation. This research recommends that translation trainees be directed to pay particular attention to the social, ideological and cultural elements to control gender issues in their translations. Source texts should also be deeply analysed and scrutinized so that the translation at issue avoids gender bias. Customs and traditions should be taken into consideration to yield more accurate renderings.
Keywords: Gender sensitivity, impact, translation, ideology, translator trainees, gender bias.