Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Volume 10. Number 2. June 2019                                                     Pp.242-256

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The Importance of Pedagogical Empiricism for Sensitizing University English Language
Teachers in Arab Context

 Saleh Ahmed Saif Abdulmughni
Department of English And Literature, College of Arts and Science
Wadi-Ad- Dawasir, Prince Sattam bin Abdul-Aziz University
Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia






There is a significant psychological aversion to English as a foreign language in Saudi Arabia. General weakness among learners opting for English majors and undergraduate learners of the English language is noted. Different learners are unaware of learning styles most suited to them. This research discussed the necessity for sensitizing university teachers towards the contributing factors in the success or failure of teaching and learning the English Language in Saudi Arabia. Teaching-learning processes would be fruitful if the syllabus designers, teachers, and learners become aware of important factors like teacher’s characteristics, learners’ characteristics, teaching materials, and educational institutions. This study aimed to emphasize the role of the English language teacher in facilitating learning processes, through conducting active research of English language learners at Wadi Ad-Dawasir in Saudi Arabia. This research enhances the prospects of pedagogical studies of different language learning and teaching.
Keywords: English language teachers, language learners, pedagogical empiricism, sensitizing university, Saudi Arabia

Cite as:  Abdulmughni, S.A.S. (2019) The Importance of Pedagogical Empiricism for Sensitizing University English Language Teachers in Arab Context. Arab World English Journal10 (2) 242-256.

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Dr. Saleh Ahmed Saif Abdulmughni, associate professor of English, is currently working
with PSAU, KSA has worked with a variety of academic institutions in different places
and capacities. At times a referee for the evaluation of research papers with different
Universities and conferences, expert, presided sessions at international platforms and wrote
extensively on issues ranging from language to literature.