AWEJ Volume.5 Number.1, 2014                                                                   Pp. 180-196

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Teaching of Critical Reading Skills in ESL and EFL Context: A Proposal for Action Researchers


Jabreel Asghar
English Language Institute
King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia 

Abdullah Al-Bargi
English Language Institute
King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia


‘How can we teach critical thinking skills to ESL/EFL learners?’ This paper answers this specific question with a proposed model of critical reading. The paper presents sample materials designed following Wallace’s (2003) three dimensional model of critical reading with linguistic, conceptual and cultural foci. The paper informs material developers and action researchers on how Wallace’s three dimensional approach to reading texts may enable readers to develop broader perspectives on various issues, and give critical insight into the texts. The sample material also demonstrates how Wallace’s three-dimensional approach to reading may help learners become critique of the outer world and allow them decode the texts in the light of their own schematic knowledge.
Keywords: Critical reading, critical thinking, functional grammar, material development, pedagogical change.


Dr Jabreel Asghar earned his doctorate in Applied Linguistics and ELT from the University of
Warwick, UK. He has previously taught in higher education sector in the United Kingdom,
Pakistan and the Middle East. His major research interests include critical pedagogy, critical
reading & thinking, CDA, curriculum & material development and sociolinguistics.