Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Vol.6. No.4 December  2015                 Pp. 336 -344

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     Reading Comprehension: A Guide for Non-English Lecturers at Higher Education in Central Java, Indonesia 

English Education Department
PGRI University, Semarang

 Sri Wahyuni
English Education Department
PGRI University, Semarang

Th. Cicik Sophia B
English Education Department
PGRI University, Semarang



This paper attempts to find out the reading ability of the non-English lecturers at Higher Education in Central Java, Indonesia; to find out the language factors that affect the reading ability and to develop the reading comprehension guide for the lecturers.  Research and Development (R&D) was employed in this research in order to develop a model on reading comprehension guide. Eighty non-English lecturers from several universities in Central Java were taken as samples. The data were in the forms of numeric and non-numeric. The result shows that the average score of the reading ability of the lecturers is 54.24. It indicates that their reading ability is very poor. While the factors that affect their reading ability are among others grammatical mastery, cohesion, pronouns, parallelism, and conjunctions. The lowest score was on grammatical mastery and cohesion 38,5% while the highest score was on conjunctions with the score of 56,25%. It can be concluded that the lecturers of non-English department have poor ability in reading, and therefore, it is worth developing a model on reading guide for them.
Key words: higher education, lecturers, model, reading comprehension guide


Dr. Suwandi, M.Pd earned his doctoral degree from IKIP Jakarta in 1997. He is currently a
senior lecturer at the English Education Department and in the Post Graduate Program of PGRI
University, Semarang. He has published articles in several national and international journals and
has presented papers or workshops in international conferences, like in TEFLIN conferences,
RELC in Singapore, ASIA TEFL in Philippines, etc.