Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Volume 10. Number 2. June 2019                                                     Pp. 40 -54

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Oral Corrective Feedback Techniques: An Investigation of the EFL Teachers’ Beliefs and
Practices at Taif University

Reem Alkhammash
English Language Department, University College
Taraba, Taif University, Saudi Arabia

Fahmeeda Gulnaz
English Language Centre, Deanship of Supportive Studies
Taif University, Saudi Arabia



Recent research has shown that little attention has been paid to teachers’ views regarding giving oral corrective feedback (Sepehrinia & Mehdizadeh, 2016). To fill this gap, this empirical study investigates the beliefs of Taif University’s teachers of English as a Foreign Language (EFL) about their feedback practices and their perception of the impact that these practices have on students’ performance. An opinionnaire of 18 items was designed with closed-ended questions. A five-point Likert’s scale was employed to measure three subscales: teachers’ beliefs and practices about their corrective feedback; types of oral corrective feedback used by EFL teachers; and their perception of students’ uptake. The survey was administered to fifty-seven English as foreign language (EFL) teachers at the English Language Centre (ELC), Taif University who were asked to fill in an online survey regarding their oral corrective feedback practices in the classroom. Their responses were analysed quantitatively. The findings of the study were that the participants allocated highest preferences to the techniques of elicitation, repetition and recast, and that they frequently use them in their classrooms.
Keywords: beliefs, ESL/EFL teachers, oral corrective feedback techniques, practices

Cite as:  Alkhammash, R., & Gulnaz, F. (2019) Oral Corrective Feedback Techniques: An Investigation of the EFL Teachers’ Beliefs and Practices at Taif University. Arab World English Journal10 (2). 40 -54.


Reem Alkhammash is an assistant professor of linguistics and the Vice-Director of the English
Language Centre at Taif University. She obtained her PhD from Queen Mary University of
London. She is a Cambridge certified teacher trainer. She is interested in discourse analysis,
sociolinguistics, metaphor research and applied linguistics.

Fahmeedah Gulnaz is an assistant professor of applied linguistics and has been working in the
English Language Centre at Taif University since 2016. She earned her MA and PhD from
Pakistan. Her fields of interests are: action research, teacher training courses, professional
development and learner centered approach.