AWEJ Volume.5 Number.3, 2014                                                                         Pp.100-112

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Integrating Reading into Writing Instruction in the EFL Programs at Saudi Universities.


 Adel Hassan AlOmrani
Department of Languages
Institute of Diplomatic Studies, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia



Several studies  have shown that integrating reading into writing instruction improves writing skills (e.g., Alqadi & Alqadi, 2013; Almansour & Alshorman, 2014; Elley & Mangubhai 1983; Hafiz & Tudor, 1989; Iwahori, 2008; Janopoulos, 1986, 2009; Saleem, 2010; Tsang, 1996). Some researchers suggested that reading is the basis for writing (Carson & Leki, 1993)  and consider it as an important resource for writing instruction (Hirvela, 2004; Watson, 1982). Theoretically, the reading-writing connection can be viewed throughout three hypotheses, or models: (1) directional hypothesis, (2) non-directional hypothesis, and (3) bidirectional hypothesis. Since reading-writing relationship is mostly discussed in terms of the impact of reading on writing (directional model), this paper attempts to discuss the relationship from ‘reading-to- write’ perspective and addresses the issue of English as a Foreign Language (EFL) reading-writing connection at the college level in Saudi Arabia. It argues that reading and writing must be taught together and calls for integrating reading into writing instruction as a solution for the problem of the lack of emphasis on reading-writing connection. It also suggests that extensive reading and using models in a second language (L2) enhances L2 writing. Lastly, the paper discusses some pedagogical concerns associated with reading-writing connection and provides some recommendations for successful reading-writing instruction. (Note: in this paper, when I refer to EFL programs at the Saudi universities I mean the EFL programs that are designed for the EFL Saudi college students majoring in English).
Keywords: EFL, English Saudi Arabia, extensive reading, L2 writing, reading-writing connection.


Adel Alomrani is an assistant professor in the department of Foreign Languages at the Institute
of Diplomatic Studies in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He has been teaching English for more than13
years. His research interests are reading-writing connection, non-native English speaking
teachers, English for diplomatic purposes, and language assessment.