Arab World English Journal: Special Issue: Application of Global ELT Practices in Saudi Arabia September 2019   Pp. 179-192

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Exploring EFL Instructors and Students Perceptions of Written
Corrective Feedback on Blackboard Platform: A Case Study


Abrar Basabrin
English Language Institute
King Abdulaziz University
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia



This case study examines the perceptions of English as a Foreign Language (EFL) instructors and students of written corrective feedback (WCF) preferences on the Blackboard platform from the two-way communicators’ prospectors (students and teachers). It also aims to investigate the instructors’ beliefs on feedback given via the Learning Management System (LMS) – Blackboard, along with the students’ understanding of it. Three university-level EFL students and their instructor participated in this case study. As such, this study followed a qualitative data collection and analysis design where the primary data were recorded in semi-structured interviews regarding Think-Aloud-Protocol. The analysis and results showed four main classifications (emerging themes) which are: 1) Instructor’s Beliefs and Mechanisms toward Feedback on Blackboard Writings. 2) Students’ Preferences and Views on Error Correction (ER) on Blackboard 3) Students and Teachers’ Views about Blackboard Usage 4) Obstacles that Faced both of the Language instructors and Students. The study concluded that students’ personal factor significantly relies on their feedback preferences concerning feedback amount, type, and level. The study also revealed a positive attitude towards the LMS Blackboard usage.
Keywords: Blackboard learning, case Study, direct-feedback, EFL writing, indirect-feedback, written corrective-feedback (CF)

Cite as: Basabrin, A. (2019). Exploring EFL Instructors and Students Perceptions of Written Corrective Feedback on Blackboard Platform: A Case Study. Arab World English Journal, Special Issue 1: Application of Global ELT Practices in Saudi Arabia.179-192. 


Abrar Basabrin is an EFL instructor at the English Language Institute at King Abdulaziz
University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Her Master of Arts from the Department of Arts and
Humanities was granted with the major of Languages, Literature, and Linguistics along with
TESL, from Indiana State University, the United States of America. Ms. Basabrin’s over five
years of teaching experience to adult language learners in an EFL context.