Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Special Issue on CALL No.2 July, 2015                                          Pp. 195 –206

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 Discussion-Based Approach to English Language Teaching and Learning
A Digital Dedicated Language Laboratory

Naima Hamlaoui
Department of English
Faculty of Letters, Human and Social Sciences
El-Bouni Campus
Badji Mokhtar University,
Annaba, Algeria.


Nacereddine Benabdallah
Department of Foreign Languages
Faculty of Letters and Languages,
Mohamed-Cherif Messadia University,Algeria


One of the most fundamental concerns of teaching English as a foreign language (EFL) is to maximize the opportunities of learner-learner talk. Digitalized technological facilities can motivate committed teachers to adapt and adopt innovative ways of teaching oral skills. This article reports on an action research project implemented during one semester with a group of 14 willing Master students at the Department of Foreign Languages, Mohamed Cherif Messadia University, Souk-Ahras, Algeria. The aim was to investigate the effectiveness of the Digital Dedicated Language Laboratory (DDLL) in teaching English through a discussion-based approach. A well designed protocol made up of three types of discussion: framing, conceptual, and application discussions was adopted. The findings revealed that students were able to develop their linguistic, socio-cultural and pragmatic competences. They were also given the opportunity to exploit the various facilities, and tools available at the DDLL.
Keywords: Action research; digital; discussion; EFL; laboratory; oral skills.


Naima Hamlaoui: Associate Professor in the Department of English at UBMA where she
teaches in the graduate and undergraduate EFL programs Linguistics, TEFL and research
methodology. Her research specialization is Applied Linguistics, and her main teaching and
research interests include second language writing, technology and language learning/teaching,
ESP, translation, and teacher education.