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Developing First year EFL Students’ Learning Skills through Adopting Task-Based Learning in the Study Skills Session


Nesrine Ghaouar
University of Badji Mokhtar – Annaba- Algeria

The LMD (Licence- Master- Doctorat) system brought certain innovations in the field of teaching/learning English as a foreign language at the University of Badji Mokhtar- Annaba- Algeria. The very significant innovation in the department of English was the insertion of the Study Skills session. First year study skills’ syllabus aims at developing students’ awareness of themselves as learners and at promoting their learning skills. The first semester deals with the following learning skills: learning styles, memorization, attention and concentration, note taking, time management, self discipline, anxiety management and exam management. However, the question to be asked is: How to develop these skills in learning English as a foreign language for first year students at the University of Badji Mokhtar during the first semester? It is easy to provide theory but how to  effectively develop learners’ learning skills? Adopting task based learning (TBL) could be the clue to expand and refine learners’ skills.  Therefore, along the first semester of the academic year 2014-2015, sixty first year students were involved, consciously, in developing their learning skills of English through tasks inside and outside the classroom. Two questionnaires were administered to investigate learners’ skills before  and after the implementation of Willis’ TBL framework. The results showed that the majority of learners have effectively developed their learning skills, and TBL assured that the study skills session is no more about the theory of how to be successful, but the practice of being successful.
Key words: Constructivism, learner autonomy, learning Skills, ‘Study skills’, Task based learning


Dr. Nesrine Ghaouar is a teacher at the Department of English, Badji Mokhtar UniversityAnnaba. The magister thesis was on “Promoting Learner Autonomy at the University level” and
the doctorate was about” The Effect of Reflection on Learning Linguistics at Badji Mokhtar
University- An Experimental Study: First Year Students of English”. The fields of interest are:
learner autonomy, critical thinking, Higher order thinking skills, Language learning strategies,
classroom management, formative assessment, reflective learning and teaching. She is a member
of Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire de Pédagogie et de Didactique (LIPED).