AWEJ Volume.3 Number.4, 2012                                                                                               pp. 233 – 246

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Designing Multiculturalism-Based ELT Syllabus for Civics Study (MBESCS)

University of Mercu Buana Yogyakarta,


Curriculum which should be developed into syllabus is considered as the key guide for any teaching and learning program. It contains the aims/goals of learning and the sequent target materials to learn by the learners. The Civics Study Program of the Faculty of Teachers Training and Education, University of Ahmad Dahlan Yogyakarta, Indonesia which had various students descend from different regencies and with different cultural backgrounds did not access the students needs in its syllabus. This paper aims at describing and disseminating the developmental research finding which was in the form of syllabus design using Multicultural Approach (Multicultural-Based English Syllabus for Civics Study /MBESCS) to the readers. This study involved 40 students. The data was gathered qualitatively with conceptually content analysis and quantitatively with conceptual and statistical analysis. It was conducted with the following procedures: (1) exploring the conventional syllabus content; (2) developing the syllabus prototype cyclically; and (3) examining the effectiveness of the syllabus by doing quasi-experimental design with t-test computation. This study resulted that the designed syllabus was considered appropriate to use in the present research setting for the following considerations: (1) it was based on the needs analysis and supporting theories; (2) the result of experiment using quasi-experimental design showed significant gain scores of t-test > t-table with α = 0.05. It means that the designed syllabus was effective to use for the heterogeneous culture students.

Keywords: Multicultural Approach, syllabus, developmental research, ELT, teachers


Dr. Hermayawati is the graduate of English Education and Teachers’Training at
State University of Sebelas Maret Surakarta and currently works at the same field
at University of Mercu Buana Yogyakarta.