Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Proceedings of  2nd   MEC TESOL Conference   2020     Pp.1-2


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 Foreword 3
The Moroccan Bachelor New Reform: the Incorporation of Soft Skills through Project-Based Learning
Abdelaaziz El Bakkali
Online EFL Emergency Remote Teaching during COVID 19, Challenges and Innovative Practices: A Case of Oman
Samia Naqvi  &Insiya Zehra
Skill-based ESP Classroom: Teaching for Preserving and Enhancing Oman’s Comparative Advantages in an Era of Economic and Digital Transformation
Peter Heckadon& Victoria Tuzlukova
 Teaching International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Academic Writing and Exam Strategies Online to Develop Omani Students’ Writing Proficiency
Radhika Narayanan & Priya Mathew
The Effectiveness of Teacher Electronic Feedback in Asynchronous Teaching: A Case Study of Foundation Students at Sultan Qaboos University
Tareq Monther Al Damen
 The Impact of Mobile-Assisted Language Learning (MALL) in Developing the Listening Skill: A Case of Students at Dubai Men’s College, the United Arab Emirates
Hussam Alzieni
Unlocking Technology for Language Learning:  A Viability at the Time of Transition from Traditional to Online Teaching and Learning
Reema Srivastava
 Language Reading and Its Implications on Learners’ Pronunciation:  a Case Study of a Pakistani school in Oman
Saadia Mesti
The Effective Integration of Flipped Classroom in ELT Contexts: A Review of Recent Literature
Maryam Haghi
Evaluation of Hypermedia Tools in Terms of Usability Heuristics for
English Language Teaching
Vikas Rao Naidu, Shyamala Srinivas, Mahmood  Al Raisi & Vishal Dattana
Nurturing Entrepreneurship Skills, Creativity and Communication Skills: An Exploratory Study on Omani Arab EFL Learners
Samia Naqvi
150- 168
Cloud Implementation to Assist Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages in HEI’s in Sultanate of Oman
Anjum Zameer Bhat, Baldev Singh & Teba Fadhil Mohsin
The Role of Problem Based Learning in Engaging and Empowering Omani
EAP Learners: An Exploratory Study
Moin Amena
PgCert Student-faculty Perspectives on Online Collaborative Projects: A case from Middle East College
Samir Mohand Cherif
Principled Eclecticism in the Classroom: Exploring the use of  Alternative
Methodologies in ELT
Thomas Brett
212- 228
Language Policy and the Use of English as the Medium of Instruction in Pakistan
Saadia Mesti
Exploiting Gamification and Interactive Activities to Achieve Better Students’ Engagement in ELT Classes
Ramesh Govindarajan
A Structural Approach to E-learning During COVID–19 Pandemic
Zeb Fatima
252- 258
Investigating Omani College Teachers’ Perspective on Critical Media Literacy
Asma Al Aufi
Education Resilience in the Time of COVID-19
Faisal Al Saidi, Issa Al Hinai & Basim Al Mushaifri
273- 283
Globalization and its Impact on Higher Education: The Case of Colleges  of Technology in Oman
Saud Albusaidi
A Small-Scale Exploratory Study on Omani College Students’ Perception of Pragmatic Meaning Embedded in Memes
Maher Al Rashdi
Methods for Learning English Vocabulary Employed by Iraqi EFL
Learners at University of Technology
Lina Lafta Jassim
314- 328
Significance of Mother Tongue influence on Saudi Female EFL Learners: a Critical Discourse Analysis
Shadma Iffat Rahmatullah
An Insight into Female EFL Learners’ Difficulties and Needs in Writing: The Case of Secondary High Schools in Saudi Arabia
Fatima Yousef  Alzahrani, Eatedal Mohammed Alghamdi Maysa Mohammad Sadiq Qutob
343- 359
Students’ Perception of the Use of Learning Management System to Facilitate Flipped Learning Experience for English Language Teaching in Private Higher Education Institution in Oman: A Developmental Evaluation
Asma Al Aufi & Vikas Rao Naidu
A Correlation Study of Pakistani EFL Teachers’ Professional discerning and their Critical Thinking
Muhammad Akram & Anser Mahmood
378- 387
Grammar Teaching: A Case Study of a Pakistani School in Sultanate of Oman
Saadia Mesti
The Impact of the Virtual Programs in Promoting English Language Learning in the Context of Middle East College
Zainab Al-Ajmi
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