Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Volume 11. Number4. December 2020                 Pp.1-2



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Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Emotional Intelligence of EFL Teachers in Saudi Arabia: Implications to Teaching Performance and Institutional Effectiveness
Joel C. Meniado
A Developmental Step in the Right Direction: The Case for Concept-Based Instruction in the Omani ESP Classroom
Amer Ahmed & Iryna Lenchuk
The Notion of Emotion in EFL Learning and Teaching in Saudi Arabia: A Critical Review of 20 Years of Research
Fakieh Alrabai
Corpus-based Analysis of Lexicosemantic Behaviour of Nervous System Diseases Names
Marta Lacková


Investigation of Factors Influencing Speaking Performance of Saudi EFL Learners
Saleh Alrasheedi
Does Conferencing Feedback Improve Non-English Majors’ Paragraph-Writing?
A Case Study in Vietnam
Do Minh Hung & Tran Thi Thuy Diem
Exploring Communicative Language Teaching Principles Alignment of English Textbook in Saudi Arabia Middle School
Ahmed O. Alharbi
Cognitive Load Theory and its Relation to Instructional Design: Perspectives of Some Algerian University Teachers of English
Houichi Asma Sarnou Dallel
Representing Kingdom’s Makeover after Vision 2030: A Corpus-Driven Analysis of American Media Discourse
Ansa Hameed, Ismat Jabeen & Naeem Afzal
English – Algerian Arabic Code-switching in EFL Classroom: Case of  EFL Teachers and Students in the Department of English at Tlemcen University, Algeria
Fatima Zohra ADDER & Hayat BAGUI
144- 162
Needs and Obstacles of Using the Internet in Language Teaching from Instructors’ Perspective; the case of the department of English at Imam Mohammad Ibn Saud Islamic University
Nasser Mohamamd Freihat
Developing Medical Learning Materials to Promote Learners’ Creativity: A Corpus-based Case Study
Junwei Niu & Mogana Dhamotharan
Higher Education Languages of Instruction in Morocco and their impact on the Receptive Vocabulary Size of Moroccan EFL Master Students
Abdelaziz Agrram
Perception of the English Phonotactics by Saudi English Majors: A Comparative Study
Awad H. Alshehri
A Cognitive Linguistics Study of the Conceptual Derivation of Word Meaning
Raghad Fahmi Aajami
Reading Assessment: A Case Study of Teachers’ Beliefs and Classroom Evaluative Practices
Abdelbassed Anes BOUBRIS & Faiza HADDAM
236- 253
Reimagining the Ever-Changing Construct of Saudi Writerly Identity: A Heuristic Approach
Majed Alharbi
Unpacking Reflective Practice in the Praxis of English Language Teaching in Indonesia
Muhamad Ahsanu, Tuti Purwati & Erna Wardani
272 -290
Revisiting Grammar Teaching in a Saudi EFL Context: Teachers’ Perceptions and Practices
Mariam Yousef Abduh & Sami Algouzi
291- 306
Conversation Analysis Tool as an Effective Means for Teaching the University Courses of English and World Literature
Roksoliana Kokhan, Lidiia Matsevko-Bekerska & Yuliia Lysanets
Language Maintenance and Language Shift among Keralites in Oman
Roy P. Veettil, P.M. Binu & J. Karthikeyan
Exploring the Effect of Using WhatsApp on Saudi Female EFL Students’ Idiom-Learning
Ameera Almogheerah
Challenges of e-Learning during the COVID-19 Pandemic Experienced by EFL Learners
Mohammad Mahyoob
Standardization of EFL Undergraduate Skill Exam Papers: A Case Study at Majmaah University
Majed Othman Abahussain, Muhammad Iqbal & Imran Khan
Religious Expressions as Situation Bound Rituals in Iraqi Computer-Mediated Communication
Rasha A. Saeed Alsabbah
Inculcating Learners’ Listening Motivation in English Language Teaching: A Case Study of British Education and Training System
Muhammad Ajmal & Tribhuwan Kumar
409 -425
A Semantic and Rhetorical Study of Manipulation in Two English and Arabic Political  Speeches
Raid Muhammad Jasim & Sabah S. Mustafa
426 -444
Contribution of Meta-Cognitive Competence in Preserving Student Self-Regulation in Algerian Higher Education: A Case from ENS of Laghouat
Maroua ROGTI
A Shift from a Monoglossic to a Heteroglossic View: Metalinguistic Stego-Translanguaging Lens Approach
Mohammad Awad Al-Dawoody Abdulaal
Computer Assisted Language Learning Integration Challenges in Saudi Arabian English as a Foreign Language Classes: The Case of EFL Teachers at Tabuk University
Towards a Stylometric Authorship Recognition Model for the Social Media Texts in Arabic
Haroon Nasser Alsager
490- 507
The Impact of Blended Learning on the Twelfth Grade Students’ English Language Proficiency
Omar Hussein Al Noursi
The Effect of Using a Self-Regulated Jigsaw Task on Female Students’ Performance in the Course of Curriculum Reading in English at Umm Al-Qura University in Saudi Arabia
Nurah Alfares
An Evaluation of the Algerian EFL Baccalaureate Exam under the Cognitive Domains of Bloom’s Taxonomy
Fatine Merieme BELARBI & Abdelkader BENSAFA
534 -546
Student Teachers’ Development of Reflective Practice concerning Teaching Philosophy and Peer Observations
Asma Mansour Almusharraf
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