Arab World English Journal, August 2015                Bejaia University, International Conference Proceedings – 2015                                                                                                                                                                                  Pp.127 – 147


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Assessing Professional Quality in EFL Pre-service Training Programme at the Departmen of English at Tlemcen University


Messaoudi Youcef
University of Tlemcen, Algeria

Djennane Taoufik
University of Tlemcen, Algeria


Although many claims about the necessity to restructure teacher education, not least pre-service training at universities, are aroused here and there, few attempts are made to update teacher education programmes that are responsive to the needs and expectations of future teachers of English as a foreign language. This work aimed to examine the adequacy of the pre-service training programme in use at the Department of English at Tlemcen University, Algeria. It attempted to unveil the students’ needs to attain professional quality in teaching English. The findings of a multi-method study conducted at the Department of English with a sample of 108 students revealed that inadequate preparations of students in terms of the English language itself, first- and second- language acquisition processes, assessment procedures, educational psychology and lack of teaching practice are among the major problems that should be revised to render the current pre-service teacher training programme able to prepare a kind of professionally qualified EFL teachers.
Keywords: EFL Teaching, Needs Analysis, Pre-service Training, Professional Competence, Student-teachers


Youcef Messaoudi is a researcher and a lecturer at the Department of English at Tlemcen
University in Algeria. He is interested in applied linguistics and TEFL and. He has many studies
in this field in the Algerian Context