AWEJ Volume.5 Number.3, 2014                                                                       Pp.113-123

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Arabic Language in a Globalized World: Observations from the United Arab Emirates



Wissal Al Allaq
UAE University, United Arab Emirates


This paper has four objectives.  First, it explores the effect of globalization on the Arabic language and shows its influence on various domains such as culture and values.  Second, the paper examines the importance of languages in sustaining the cultural identity of peoples, and shows how globalization can be a threat to a particular society.  Third, the paper discusses the concept of globalization as a new form of colonization, and examines the rise of the English language as lingua franca. Fourth, the paper explores the impact of globalization and English on world languages in general and the Arabic language in particular with specific observations from the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The paper concludes by proposing some recommendations to improve the current status of classical Arabic in the UAE. The UAE government’s efforts to promote the Arabic Language will also be highlighted.
Keywords: Globalization, Arabic, English, Lingua Franca,


Wissal Al Allaq is a poetry translator/ conference interpreter who is currently a PhD student at
the UAEU- Department of Translation Studies. She holds a Masters Degree in poetic
translation from Sanaa University on Translating T.S. Eliot‟s Wasteland into Arabic. Ms.
Wissal‟s publications include two critically acclaimed books of African American poetry