Arab World English Journal (February, 2018)                               Theses / Dissertation (ID 200)
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Author: Noura Al-Madi

Thesis Title: William Golding’s Free Fall as a Künstlerroman

Subject/major: English Literature

Institution: Al-Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University

College of Languages and Translation, Department of English Language and Literature

Degree: Master of Arts

Year of award: 2017

Supervisor: Dr. Sayed M. Youssef

Keywords: Free will, Künstlerroman, maturation, psychoanalysis, role model



Psychoanalysis has been a research field for authors a long time ago. The human psyche is complicated; it is a mix of emotions, instincts, actions ad reactions. The 20th century is revolutionary, new inventions and discoveries were trending, with the new way of living people started to lose faith.  William Golding’s Free Fall as Künstlerroman is tracing the development of the artist Sammy Mountjoy’s character from childhood until he matures. The things he faced and the factors that reshaped his life. He was chastened by suffering as he learned from the school of life. In this non-thesis paper, a study of the character of Sammy as he grows up is explored with examining the factors that affected his personality. The introduction illustrates Künstlerroman as a subgenre of Bildungsroman and explains them as a theoretical framework, the difference between them and their characteristics. Also, it discusses psychoanalysis definition. Chapter I will focus on Sammy’s childhood living in Rotten Row and his friends, the role of his parents and moving to the art school where he met Beatrice. Chapter II will discuss Sammy the man when he was investigated in prison. It deals with mature Sammy who wants to fix his mistakes and feels free from guilt.  

Cite as:  Al-Madi, N (2017). William Golding’s Free Fall as a Künstlerroman. Imam Mohammad Bin Saud University, The faculty of Language and Translation (Master’s Thesis). Retrieved from (Arab World English Journal Database. (ID Number: 200, February 2018).