Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Special Issue on Translation No.4 May, 2015                             Pp.182-193

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                 Translation of Religious Texts: Difficulties and Challenges 

 Rachid Agliz
  Faculty of Letters, University Ibnou Zohr
Agadir, Morocco 



Throughout history, people have always tried to get through many different spheres. Their incessant thirst for knowledge brought them in close contact with other cultures and provided them with means to transfer their opinions to other cultures and civilizations that are different or similar to them. One of the effective means of ensuring this cultural exchange is translation. This paper is mainly concerned with the difficulties and the challenges that Arab translators are confronted with when they deal with religious texts. A case in point here is Shalabi’s insightful book, Islam Between Truth and False Allegations: A Response to the False Allegations against Islam.(1997) This religious book is full of instances which demonstrate clearly the diverse difficulties that Arab translators face while translating source texts which encompass very sacred religious terms. It seems that grammatical equivalence, redundancy and paragraphing are the most important key elements that ought to be taken into account in order to produce an accurate and appropriate translation. The main objective in this paper is to draw the reader’s attention to the difficulties and challenges that I encountered while translating some religious extracts from Shalabi’s book.
Keywords: Grammatical Equivalence, paragraphing, redundancy, religious texts


Dr.Rachid Agliz is a professor of the English language and literature at the faculty of Letters,
Ibnou Zohr University, Agadir. He has been teaching different subjects like mythologies of the
western world, British culture and society and culture and society in Britain and the United
States of America. His research interests include post colonialism, post colonial literature,
critical theory, orientalism, exoticism and post modern anthropology. He is the author of a
master’s dissertation entitled, Language Choice Among University Students: The Case of AUI
and is also the author of a thesis entitled, Exoticism and the Construction of the Orient: A Study
of Some European and American Travel and Anthropological Writings on Morocco.