Arab World English Journal – May 2014                                                                           Theses / Dissertation

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Name of researcher: Ali Abdulkarim Alsaawi

Title of the dissertation: The Use of The Mother Tongue in The Language Classroom: Attitudes
and Practices

Subject/major: Applied Linguistics

University name: Newcastle University, UK

Department Name: School of Education, communication & Language Sciences

Degree: MA

Year of award: 2013

Advisor: Dr. Peter Grundy


This dissertation explores the attitudes of students regarding their teacher’s use of their mother tongue in the target language classroom. The current study took place in Majmaah University in Saudi Arabia. In order to investigate this issue, the study focuses on 66 novice undergraduates and three teachers. Three methods have been used to collect data, questionnaires, interviews and classroom observation. The data are analysed qualitatively and quantitatively. The results reveal that the students’ attitudes towards their teachers’ use of L1 in classroom are generally positive that English-major students were more reluctant to employ their L1 in classroom than non- English major students, that there are particular situations where L1 is used in classroom, and that teachers’ attitudes are inconsistent with their practice.

Keywords: L1 – L2 – Classroom – Contradiction – Attitudes – Practice