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The Teacher’s Role and the Students ‘Autonomy under the LMD and the Integration of ICT


 Hanane SARNOU
Faculty of Foreign Languages , English Language Department,
Abdelhamid Ibnbadis University,Mostaganem, Algeria

The role of the teacher has changed to suit more the freedom given to the students ‘autonomy under the LMD (Licence, Master Doctorate) system. Thus, the teacher has to accept now his/her role as a mediator, a facilitator of knowledge and learning processes. The teacher, therefore, is no more the only, exclusive omnipotent holder of knowledge. S/he is called to master not only the subject s/he teaches but also the methodological competencies that allow him/her to clearly define the objectives of the learning process as well as the referential of the competence on which the control of the learning process is based. In this respect, the present study focuses on what teachers have to do in their classrooms when teaching under a learner-centered approach or orientation. This paper attempts to work on the modern relationship between the teacher and the learner in the classroom under observational experiences using ICT (Information and Communications Technology) as a motivating tool.
Key words: Learner-centered, Autonomy, Teachers, Role and ICT


Dr. Hanane Sarnou conducts research on Sociolinguistics and Applied Linguistics. Her research
interests focus on English language teaching methodology, curriculum design, and the use of
ICT in learning language. She has contributed to some international conferences in Algeria,
Turkey, Tunis and France.