Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Volume 10. Number 2. June 2019                                                     Pp.307-322

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Student-Teacher Responsibilities in English Studies: An Empirical Analysis of Arab
Student and English Faculty Perceptions


Kashif Raza
Department of English, Foundation Program
Qatar University, Doha, Qatar




Given the vast research on the existence of distinctive student-teacher expectations about their roles in the classroom and their significance in shaping prospective actions, there is a scarcity of studies that examine Arab student expectations and contrast them with their teachers’ expectancies. Realizing this research gap, this study aims to analyze Gulf Arab, Non-Gulf Arab and English Faculty expectations about their roles in English studies. The objectives of the study were to answer four research questions: Do student-faculty expectations about their classroom roles correspond on nine given items; where do the differentiations lie; what are the classroom implications of these dissimilarities; and how teachers and students can share and meet each other’s expectations. Using a mixed methods research design, quantitative data were collected from students and faculty through an online bilingual survey followed by individual interviews for further exploration. The data analysis revealed that mismatches exist in teacher-student expectations and these dissimilar beliefs can influence student-teacher relationship. Five out of nine given items were found statistically significant between English faculty and Gulf and Non-Gulf Arab students where students had higher expectations about their responsibilities; however, Gulf Arab and Non-Gulf Arab student expectations differed only on three items. In addition to other practical suggestions for sharing and aligning divergent expectations, the study proposes employing a teacher-student learning contract to augment student and faculty cognizance of their academic and social obligations as well as assist the school administration in catering for their perspectives.
Keywords:  Arab student expectations, faculty-student responsibility, culture and expectations

Cite as:   Raza, K. (2019). Student-Teacher Responsibilities in English Studies: An Empirical Analysis of Arab Student and English Faculty Perceptions. Arab World English Journal10 (2) 307-322.


Kashif Raza is a lecturer in English at Qatar University’s Foundation English Program. His
research interests include expectations and perceptions in English education, SLW, and language
policy development. Mr. Kashif has presented at various international and regional conferences
and serves on the editorial board of Language Teaching Research Quarterly (LTRQ) journal.