AWEJ Volume.5 Number.1, 2014                                                                    Pp.290 -303

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Strategies of Learning English Writing Skill by Indonesian Senior High School Students


Junaidi Mistar
English Education Department, Graduate Program
Islamic University of Malang, Indonesia

Alfan Zuhairi
English Education Department, Graduate Program
Islamic University of Malang, Indonesia

Firman Parlindungan
English Education Department, Undergraduate Program
Islamic University of Malang, Indonesia


The research addresses three research objectives: (1) to identify learning strategies of writing skill used by senior high school students in Indonesia, (2) to measure the extent of use of the strategy categories, and (3) to study the differences in the use of the strategies by successful and less successful learners. The subjects of the study were 766 second year senior high school students in East Java, Indonesia. They were asked to complete a questionnaire of strategies of learning writing skill and a self-assessment. The results of the data analysis using Principal Component Analysis yielded twelve components with an initial eigenvalue greater than 1, explaining a cumulative variance of strategies 57.68%. The component matrix was rotated using Varimax with Keiser Normalisation Method and the resulting factors were then treated as posteriori strategy categories and named self-monitoring, language-focusing, planning, metacognitive affective, cognitive compensation, self-evaluating, social process-focusing, authentic practicing, meaning-focusing, vocabulary developing, metacognitive commencement, and mental processing strategies. All of these strategies were  used at the moderate frequency level. Finally, successful learners reported using the strategies more frequently than less successful learners did.
Keywords: language learning strategies, writing skill, writing strategies, strategies to learn writing skill


Dr. Junaidi Mistar is a senior lecturer at English Education Department, Islamic University of
Malang, Indonesia. His research articles mainly concerned with strategies in learning English
and classroom assessment have been published in Melbourne Papers in Linguistics and Applied
Linguistics, AJELT Hong Kong, Korea TESOL, and TEFLIN Journal, Indonesia.