AWEJ Volume.5 Number.2, 2014                                                                Pp.122- 133

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Self- Directed Learners

Hind Al-Jamal
Ministry of Education, Saudi Arabia



The inclination to support teachers’ self-directed development goes hand-in-hand with students’ need to acknowledge their skills and direct their own learning. Therefore, this paper sheds light on the key features to address while planning for EFL (English as a Foreign Language) tasks, especially projects. A clear path is drawn for both instructors and students to understand the basics of planning, executing, and presenting a project that enables further student engagement and and—ultimately—sustained learning. By incorporating the most recent teaching methods into brain research to present meaningful experiences, a clear framework determines the necessary roles for both teachers and students to ensure full ownership when equipped with basic tools. These tools aid teachers in monitoring and assessing students’ progress and process. Furthermore, it focuses students’ attention on their observation of projects and highlights the effect of the project on their character and language acquisition, creating a community of autonomous learners.
Keywords: self-directed, project-based-learning, students’ engagement, sustained learning, autonomous learners


Hind Hamad Al-Jamal holds a master’s degree in Linguistics from Al-Imam Mohammad Ibn
Saud Islamic University, College of Languages and translation, Department of English Language
and Literature. She works as a supervisor at the Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia. Her
research interests include Reflective Teaching, teachers’ professional development, learners’
autonomy and Foreign and Second Language acquisition.