Arab World English Journal
AWEJ Volume 2, number 2, April 2011                                                                                          pp. 230- 242

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Problems of Multi-ability Academic English Writing Classes in Arab Countries

Naheed Umair
English Department,
Gulf University for Science and Technology, Kuwait.

English language teachers and students of Arab countries strive to fulfill the academic demand of universities in academic English writing classes which call for detailed, organized, cohesive as well as structured academic papers. The purpose of the present paper is to highlight the common causes of the problems of academic English writing course in multiability classes. The study is based on one semester (sixteen week) period. Different teaching and evaluation methods are used to teach the diverse abilities in multi-level classes to achieve the set goals of the academic English writing course. The paper examined the final grades to investigate the difference in the performance of students coming from public and private school background and concluded with author’s recommendations and experiences that would be useful to address the problems of multi-ability classes in Arab Context.

Key Words: Academic English Writing, Students of private school background, Students of public school background