AWEJ. Special Issue on Translation No.3 May, 2014                                                                     Pp. 239-253

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  Practical Approach in Teaching News Translation: a Case Study on the Libyan Crisis 2011


 Sonia Asmahène HALIMI
Faculty of Translation and Interpreting
University of Geneva



To explore the relationship between translation and editing in media discourse for the purpose of a news translation class, a comparative analysis was carried out on three press releases from the ICC, UN and BBC, and their translated versions in Arabic on the same event: the 27th June ICC arrest warrant against Libyan officials. From a qualitative angle, the comparative examination at the micro-level was aimed at describing differences in communication styles in terms of lexical choices in English news texts, then between English texts and their Arabic translated versions issued by the same institutions (ICC, UN and BBC). Results show that the English texts are well-marked by their selective choice of lexical items, and translated versions obey this line.
Keywords: Arabic translation, news translation, news analysis, lexical choices, translation teaching


Sonia Asmahène Halimi is an Assistant Professor at the FTI, University of Geneva. She has
worked as a professional translator in a number of UN agencies, including the UN Office in
Geneva, (WIPO), (ILO) and (ICRC). Her fields of expertise range from intellectual property to
international humanitarian law. She currently teaches translation (English-Arabic, FrenchArabic).