Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Volume.7 Number.1 March                                               Pp..18- 31

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New Approaches to Teacher Effectiveness  

Mouna Abou Assali
 Muhammad V Agdal University
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Postal address: Abu Dhabi, P.O. Box 106621

Plamen Kushkiev
Frontier College- Toronto, Canada



Teacher effectiveness has been a focal point in plentiful interdisciplinary research conducted by educational psychologists, policy makers and social scientists. The literature abounds in proposed models for measuring and assessing teacher effectiveness in the light of the ever-changing and technology-dominated educational reality. This paper suggests three possible approaches that surpass the academic and pedagogical aims of the established practice. The authors of the current paper see emotional intelligence, the attribution theory of motivation and emotion along with the broaden-and-build theory, as the stepping-stone to increasing teacher effectiveness in language classrooms in the modern world. It is our claim that our attributional beliefs, underpinned by a certain degree of positivity and emotional skills, may lead to the sought after university teacher development and effectiveness more profoundly. It is believed that the proposed approaches will meet the pedagogical outcomes of the syllabi in practice by fostering the theoretical and practical knowledge and expertise needed by educators teaching the 21st century skills to language students.
Keywords:: attribution; broaden-and-build; emotional intelligence; teacher effectiveness

Cite as: Abou Assali, M., & Kushkiev, P. (2017). New Approaches to Teacher Effectiveness. Arab World English Journal, 8 (1).


Mouna Abou Assali is Faculty at Mohammed V University Agdal- Abu Dhabi. She obtains an
(EdD), the University of Exeter, UK and a MEd in ELT, the University of Sheffield, UK. Her
research interest includes: teacher professional growth, positive psychology, teacher emotions
and educational leadership.