Arab World English JournalAWEJ Volume 2 Number 3 August 2011                                                                                              pp. 3
Letter from the editor
Dear ColleaguesWe have the pleasure to introduce to you the new issue of the Arab World English Journal (AWEJ). We are pleased and proud to announce that we have fulfilled our commitments to our respected readers this current year. We have produced four issues of AWEJ on time since the first issue was published in October 2010. Since then our journal has engaged the interest of a wide range of authors, scholars and readers from different counties of the world. This interest has been reflected in the large number of manuscript submissions, letters and comments. Furthermore, we would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation and thanks to all authors for their submissions and to readers for their comments and suggestions. We do apologize to those submitting authors whose papers we were not able to accept. This includes those which did not meet the journal requirements for publication, and we do encourage those intending to make submissions to the Arab World English Journal to read the Manuscript Guidelines link from our website. We also urge our readers to register on our website, so that we could improve our service and reach everyone on time. A reminder that we are still accepting submissions for the December issue.Kind regards,
Prof. Dr .Khairi Obaid AL-Zubaidi
Arab World English Journal (AWEJ)
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