Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Special Issue on CALL No.2 July, 2015                                      Pp.91 – 115

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 Integrated EFL Skills and Technology: Focus on Learners’ Perceptions 

 Hosni Mostafa El-Dali
Department of Linguistics
College of Humanities & Social Sciences
United Arab Emirates University
Al-Ain, UAE



This study reports on the results of an experiment conducted on 612 advanced learners of English as a foreign language. The paper attempts to explore the students’ attitudes towards the value of using technology in language teaching. The study is based on the premise that one of the guiding principles that shapes the planning of an innovative computer curriculum is involving all those as the most important factor as it is upon them that any innovation can be accepted or rejected. After having presented the theoretical framework, the problem we are encountering and the rationale for the study, we reviewed the literature on pertinent issues such as  foreign language learners and technology; learning theories and technological instructional design; technology and language learning, and technology, teaching and research. The focus of the paper is on the integration between EFL skills and technology, and on how L2 learners may have significant insights into the way they learn.
Keywords: EFL teaching, Learners’ attitudes, Technology in L2 classroom.


Dr. Hosni Mostafa El-dali is an Associate Professor of Linguistics at the College of Humanities and
Social Science, United Arab Emirates University. He holds a Ph.D. degree in Linguistics from the
University of Pittsburgh, United States of America in 1991. He has authored and published over 45
scientific papers in national and international journals, and he authored six books.