Volume 2. No.1 January, 2011
From the Editor
A happy New Year to all our readers. It is my great pleasure to introduce the new issue of the Arab World English Journal (AWEJ). I want to also to express our gratitude and sincere thanks for all the letters and messages of congratulation following our inaugural issue of the last October which came from so many people in different ministries, organizations, universities, colleges, language centers and other educational institutions in Arab countries and elsewhere around the world. We are proud of our effort to promote the study of languages and cultures worldwide.
We have received many submissions from different parts of the world, but not all could be considered for inclusion as they did not conform to APA style of formatting. We like to remind all authors to read the guidelines of submissions on our website www.awej.org and follow them.
As we farewell the first decade and enter the second decade of the 21 century, we anticipate new challenges and opportunities related to the spread of English as an international language – especially in terms of the role of new media of communication. So we hope that our journal might contribute to assisting our readers face these challenges and also to engage new opportunities.
Last, I would like to take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt thanks to our hard-working and dedicated team for their great efforts, useful contributions and constructive comments towards the development of the journal. At the same time, I am pleased to warmly welcome those colleagues who joined us on the Board of Editors and the Board of Reviewers.
Kind Regards,
Prof. Dr. Khairi O. Al-Zubaidi
AWEJ Editor
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