Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Vol.6. No.3 September 2015                                           Pp. 108– 119

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Examining the Effectiveness of Utilizing Mobile Technology in Vocabulary
Development for Language Learners

Hind Alzahrani
Composition and TESOL Program
English Department
Indiana University of Pennsylvania



The misuse of mobile phones in class frequently irritates language teachers. Instead of banning this mobile technology and considering it as a nuisance, teachers can take the advantage of this technology to help their students achieve their goals. Therefore, this paper is targeted toward the most recent technological devices that have an influence on how people learn and communicate with each other these days. It attempts to discover how far mobile devices are being used to support language learning by shedding light on its contribution to assisting vocabulary development. To do so, a review of the current existing publications that are related to mobile assisted language learning (MALL) was undertaken. The findings show that mobile technology assist vocabulary development for second language learners such as using short message serve(SMS), mobile based games, and mobile based flashcards. They also show that students have positive attitudes toward using mobile technology in learning new vocabularies. The article displays some of the limitations that are associated with utilizing mobile technology in vocabulary development for language learners. It also calls for further research that examine the impact of social media applications, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram on vocabulary development.
  Keywords: MALL, m-learning, mobile based flashcards, mobile based games mobile phones, SMS (Short message service), vocabulary development.

Cite as: Alzahrani, H. (2015). Examining the Effectiveness of Utilizing Mobile Technology in Vocabulary Development for Language Learners. Arab World English Journal, 8 (3).


Hind Alzahrani is a Ph.D. candidate at Indiana University of Pennsylvania majoring in English
composition and TESOL (Teaching English as a second language). She holds a master degree in
TESOL from California State University, East Bay and bachelor degree in English from Albaha
University. She worked as an English teacher in Saudi Arabia, her home country. Also, she
worked as an English composition instructor at California State University, East Bay.