Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Volume 9. Number 2. June 2018                                   Pp. 329-351

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Enhancing Usage of Scientific Formulae for Students less Proficient inEnglish language in
an Undergraduate Class
 :a case study in Saudi Arabia


Anjum Afrooze
General science Department, Prince Sultan University
Riyadh,Saudi Arabia



The curriculum at General Sciences department in a Saudi Arabian University includes ‘’Physical science’’for Computer Science, Information Technology and Business courses. Students are apathetic towards Physical Science  and question, as to,” How this course  is related to their majors?” More than sixty percent of the students come from institutions where English is not the medium of instruction, which makes student learning and academic achievement challenging as they are less proficient in English language.  After observing the uasge of incorrect scientific formulas in assessment test  and the number of failures,for two consecutive semesters, the instructor was keen to find an effective strategy to enable students understand concepts and to transformed  surface learning  to deep learning through developing advanced techniques  in writing assignment. The main purpose of this research is to roll the situation and let the students partake in the process of trasformation from diffident failures to confident achievers.This study is participatory action research, in which  instructor designs effective written  task to engage students in their learning . The study is conducted through two semesters with a total of 32 students. The effectiveness of this approach is studied using questionnaire at the end of each semester,students evaluation and teacher observation.Major outcomes of this study were overall improvement in students uasge of scientific formulas in tests,problem solving,language proficiency, performance in summative assessment and also  fortifying   confidence. This process transformed instructor into   engaging and reflecting practitioner.Also,  these strategy was implemented by other instructors teaching the course and proved effective  in  opening  a path  to changes in related areas of the course curriculum. However, refinement in the strategies could be  done based on student evaluation and instructors observation.
Keywords:language proficiency,physical science education,scientific formulae,writing  assignments

Cite as: Afrooze, A.(2018). Enhancing Usage of Scientific Formulae for Students less Proficient inEnglish language in an Undergraduate Class :a case study in Saudi Arabia. Arab World English Journal, 9 (2).

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Ms Anjum Afrooze HEA-UK Fellow,is associated with chemistry research and works as
instructor at Prince Sultan University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. She is presently working on
computational drug discovery and on teaching and learning in Higher education. She was awarded
best teacher award many times for her teaching, and the results her students achieved.The
complexities of teaching and learning to multicultural students and microscopic world of
chemistry and its relevance to life sciences intrigues her the most. 0000-0003-