Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Special Issue on Translation No.4 May, 2015                                 Pp. 289-294

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 English Language Topic and Comment Pattern as a Suggested Method for Translating English into Arabic Written Discourse 

Mustafa Shazali Mustafa Ahmed
Nile Valley University, Sudan



It has recently been observed that there is a kind of mismatching in translating English into Arabic language written discourses. The data are based on the conceptual analysis of two English educational terms and how far these two terms have precisely been given their appropriate Arabic translation. The main topic of this paper is to find best-fit Arabic translation to English language texts as a source language. That is, the paper has followed a driven qualitatively low – explicit investigation using only the researcher’s own observations. What has been proposed in the literature of translation as an applied linguistic field proved to be insufficient for translating English texts into Arabic.  Making use of contrastive rhetoric and text linguistics as theoretical fields, the writer of this paper suggests English Language topic and comment as a suitable pattern for translating English to Arabic written discourses. It is hoped that this alternative can function as a practical strategy and serve as a convincing addition to the schools of translations.
Keywords: Arabic into English Translation, Contrastive Rhetoric, Text Linguistics, Topic vs. Comment


I am Mustafa Shazali Mustafa Ahmed. I am associate professor in English language / Nile valley
University / Sudan. I have been working in Nile Valley University in Sudan since 1994. I have
worked for three academic years in Saudi Arabia / Al – Baha University 2011-2014. I have
written many scientific papers in some International reputed journal. Also, I am an editor of
many international journals. I have supervised a considerable number of international and local
M.A, and PhD students .