AWEJ Volume.5 Number.3, 2014                                                                      Pp.291 -303

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Development, Problems and Solutions: A Critical Review of Current Situation of College English Language Education in Mainland China


Chili Li
School of Foreign Languages
Hubei University of Technology, China

This paper critically reviews current situation of College English Language education in Mainland China. It firstly briefed the history of College English language education which reveals that its development is intertwined with China’s political situation and language policies. It then commented on the problems concerning curriculum, assessment, English teachers and their teaching methodologies, and teaching materials and textbooks of current College English language education. These problems indicate that current College English language education in China has failed to meet the need for a good English proficiency at the national and individual levels. Based on the review, this paper proposed that an individualised curriculum, which takes into account the rules of language teaching and learning and Chinese characteristics, and an English as the Medium of Instruction (EMI) education, be advocated in the Chinese EFL context.
Keywords: College English Language Education; Problems; Mainland China


Chili Li is a lecturer of applied linguistics at the School of Foreign Languages, Hubei University
of Technology, China. He obtained his doctorate in Applied Linguistics from School of English,
the University of Liverpool, UK. His research interests include Applied Linguistics and EAP