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 Critical Discourse Analysis on the Javanese Song Lyric


Post Graduate Student of Semarang State University

 Sri Wahyuni
English Department of State University of Semarang

Song, in spite of being an amusement work, is often used to foreground a particular ideology. The study aims to find out whether the Javanese song lyric ‘Ilir-Ilir’, as the object of the studyhas certain ideological commonsense and power relation between the participants involved in the lyric. It focuses on its textual surface of discourse or descriptive and interpretative stages, as well as its explanative stage in terms of critical discourse analysis. The data were initially analyzed based on Martin’s theory of analyzing the discourse (2004), and then to move deeper into the power that exists in both situation and cultural contexts which create the discourse, the theory of Fairclough(1992)was adopted. The findings showed thatthe lyric consists of many metaphorical expressions and ‘dominate’ and ‘dominated’ power relation were obviously noticeable. The results of the study suggest a deep pedagogical implication that it is important for people to understand the Javanese philosophical thought about the purpose of life.
Keywords: lyric, critical discourse analysis, ideological commonsense, power relation