AWEJ. Special Issue on Literature No.2   October, 2014                                 Pp.152-157


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Contrasting the Aesthetic with the Orientalist: A Comparative Study of Bowles and Bertolluci’s The Sheltering Sky/Skies


Aicha Ziyane
College of Letters and Humanities- Ben Msik
Hassan II University Casablanca-Mohammedia, Morocco




The paper is a comparative study of Paul Bowles’ novel The Sheltering Sky (1977) and Bernardo Bertullocci’s film adaptation of the novel in his work The Sheltering Sky (1990). The aim is to contrast the aesthetic and the orientalist. Thus, there is an attempt to introduce an aesthetic reading into the novel and an orientalist viewing of the film so as to compare and contrast both texts using a textual analysis approach. Throughout the paper, in addition to detecting the film’s deviation from the novel, Bertollucci’s orientalist project is revealed while Bowles novel is aesthetically tested.  The last part of the paper calls for questioning the degree of deviance occurring in the film and reconsidering the aesthetic implications of the novel.
Keywords: Aesthetic, Contrast, Film, Orientalist


Aicha Ziyane is an MA holder in Moroccan American Studies from Hasaan II UniversityCasablanca. Her research interests include Moroccan Francophone Literature, Film Studies,
Feminist art theory and contemporary art. She is currently an EFL teacher at high school.