Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Vol.6. No.2 June 2015                                              Pp. 242 – 264

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Contextual Bilingual Dictionaries: A Case Study of the Verb “Get” 

 Mogahed M. F. Abu Al-Fadl
 English Department, Qassim Private Colleges
Saudi Arabia



The main question of this study is whether some current bilingual dictionaries (English-Arabic) present contextual clues to the reader to get the meaning. It sought to investigate these dictionaries in terms of compiling expressions with preposition, e.g. the verb “get”. It presented the characteristics of bilingual dictionaries and the importance of contextual dictionaries. It explored four comprehensive and widely used bilingual dictionaries (English-Arabic). It used the case study method: the verb “get.” It provided an applied part, e.g. the verb “get”. The findings indicate that these bilingual dictionaries lack contexts to a great extent; context plays a crucial role in getting meaning even in bilingual dictionaries. It is hoped that this study will usher the fulfillment of a comprehensive contextual bilingual dictionary (English-Arabic). Based on the findings, it is recommended that a team get together to carry out this project.
KeywordsArabic-English dictionaries, case study, Contextual Bilingual Dictionaries, expressions with preposition, get

Cite as: Abu Al-Fadl, M. M. F.  (2015). Contextual Bilingual Dictionaries: A Case Study of the Verb “Get”.
Arab World English Journal, 8 (1).


Dr Mogahed Mohamed Fathi Abu Al-Fadl is an assistant professor of EFL/ESL curriculum,
instruction and translation, working at Qassim Private Colleges, Department of English; he
published many articles, studies, books, particularly “A Primer on Legal Translation”,
“Translation: Theories, Models & Key Terms”.