AWEJ Volume 1, Number 1 October, 2010CONTENTSPDFContents 1
From the Editor 2-3
Arab Learners of English and Reverse Visualization as a Reading Problem Professor Z. N. PATIL 3-23
From ad hoc to more Effective and Integrated Academic Dissertation Writing: Developing an
Emergent Knowledge Building Corridor
Professor Cameron Richards 24-39
ELT Materials Writing Projects: Challenges of Professional Communication
Dr. Victoria Tuzlukova
Dr. Alaa Al-Musalli
Assist. Prof. Dr. Rahma AlMahrooqi 40-79
Strategies for Learning Vocabulary Employed by Science-Oriented Students: A Qualitative
Perspective Assoc. Prof. Dr. Channarong Intaraprasert 80-106
Arab Postgraduate Students in Malaysia: Identifying and overcoming the cultural and
language barriers
Dr. Khairi Obaid Al-Zubaidi
Prof. Cameron Rechards 107-129
Exploring the Perspectives and Potential of Incorporating Glogster in the University EFL Curriculum
David Bradley Kent 130-170
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