Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Volume 9. Number 3. September 2018   Pp.1-2


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The Use of Subtitled Movies for Vocabulary Acquisition in ESP Settings: Insights from an Experimental Study in Algeria
Fouzi Bellalem , Bel Abbes Neddar , Habib Bouagada & Dalila Benelhadj Djelloul
  Effect of Redesigned Classroom on Secondary Students’ Learning Behaviour
Noorizah Mohd Nor, Radha M K Nambiar, Kemboja Ismail & Shahira Adam
17- 32
Comparison of Communication Apprehension in L1 and Communication Apprehension in L2 among MA Students with Different Ages Majoring in English in an International Program in Bangkok
Sucharat Rimkeeratikul
33- 44
 English Language Learning Motivation and English Language Learning Anxiety in Saudi Military Cadets: A Structural Equation Modelling Approach

Ali Falah Alqahtani

 Language Learning Strategies of Vietnamese EFL Freshmen
Bui Thi Kieu Giang & Vu Van Tuan
 Perspectives on Corpus Linguistics: The Methodological Synergy in Second Language Pedagogy and Research
Ibrahim Bashir, Kamariah Yunus & Bashir Ibrahim


 Awareness-Raising of Vocabulary Learning Strategies: Does It Make a Difference?

Ibrahim R. Alqarni

98 -110


The Investigation of the Textual Organization of Research Article

Discussion Sections in the Field of Second Language Writing

Tharinee Boonyuen & Supong Tangkiengsirisin

111- 128
 Bridging the Gap: Change in Class Environment to Help Learners Lower Affective Filters
Talat Mehmood
129- 144
Investigating the Effect of Differentiated Instruction in Light of the Ehrman & Leaver Construct on Grammar Learning

Bayan AlHashmi & Tariq Elyas

Processing English Formulaic Expressions in Situation-Bound Utterances: Strategies Used by Francophone ESL Learners in Thailand

Eric A. Ambele , Yusop Boonsuk & Chamaiporn Buddharat

The Lexical Approach in Action: Evidence of Collocational Accuracy and the Idiom Principle in the Writing of EFL Intermediate Students

Mohamed Debabi & Noureddine Guerroudj

 Integrating Adapted Approaches of Writing Instructions with Alternative Assessment to Improve Academic Writing Ability

Vorakorn Tuvachit & Kittitouch Soontornwipast

Speech Acts as Means of Argumentation in Bank’s Annual Reports
Fareed Hameed Al-Hindawi & Rana Naji
Common Linguistic Errors among Non-English Major Libyan Students Writing

Muftah Hamed

 A Move Analysis of Problem-Solution Discourse: A Pedagogical Guide for
Opinion and Academic WritingSurasawadee Ratanakul
 The Academic Writing Experience of Jordanian Postgraduate Students at a University in Malaysia

Anas Hmoud Mohammad Almatarneh, Radzuwan Ab Rashid & Kamariah Yunus

Theory-Practice Gaps in Developing Critical Thinking: Insights from A Pedagogical Study in Omani Context

Moosa Ahmed Ali Sulaiman , Suyansah Swanto &Wardatul Akmam Din

The Efficacy of Using Short Video through Group Work in Teaching Speaking to Indonesian English as Foreign Language (EFL) Students


The use of L1 as a Source of Humour to Facilitate Interaction in EFL
Sabria Salama Jawhar
 EFL Student Teachers’ Lesson Planning Processes: A Grounded Theory Study

Vachira  Jantarach & Kittitouch Soontornwipast

  Integrating Critical Thinking Skills in Reading Courses at the University LevelThe Case of Faculty of Letters and Humanities, Beni-Mellal, Morocco
 Exploring Student-Writers’ Views on Replacing Teacher Feedback with Peer Feedback and Computer-Based Feedback
Suliman Mohammed Nasser Alnasser


 The Effects of L1 and L2 Hypertext Glosses on Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary Retention among Thai Secondary School Students

Poowadol Kongtawee & Pattama Sappapan

 Developing Plagiarism Policies in EFL Contexts: A Saudi Arabian Focus
Sulaiman Jenkins
 A Study into the Writing Performance of Moroccan Advanced EFL

Writers from an Intercultural Rhetoric Perspective


390- 405


The Authenticity of the Algerian English Textbooks: The Case of Third Year High School Textbook “New Prospects”

Badra Hamidi & Fawzia Bouhass Benaissi

406- 417
English Speaking Teaching Model in Distance Education
Apisara Sritulanon , Panna Chaturongakul & Thapanee Thammetar
418- 433
 Teaching Writing to Non-Native Speakers: First Language Composing v/s Second Language Composing
Norah Dhawi Almutairi
 Key Conceptions on Learner Autonomy and Particular Links with the Algerian Educational Context
Samia FEDJ
 “Make them take an ‘IELTS test’ in Arabic”! Resentment of and resistance towards English and English-medium instruction in the UAE

Anthony J. Solloway

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