Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Volume 10. Number 3. September 2019   Pp.1-2

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An Analysis of the Relationship among Teacher Feedback, Feedforward, and Grade on Swedish University Students’ Compositions in English as a Second Language
Monica Karlsson
Opportunities and Questions:A Short Report on Rubric Assessments in Asia and the Middle East
Ronnie Goodwin
The Writing Center’s Role in the Academic Life of an English Foreign Language Student from an Instructor’s Perspective
Beth Bassima Bakkar
 32 -42
Morphological Awareness and Vocabulary Knowledge among English Language Learners
Reem Ibrahim Rabadi
Cognitive Frames in Media Discourse: ‘The Guardian’ Coverage of the Syrian Refugee Crisis in Europe (2015-2019)
Thouraya Zheni
A Study on Vocabulary-Learning Problems Encountered by BA English Majors at the University Level of Education
Naeem Afzal
 Learning Strategies and Teaching Methods in Thai and Vietnamese Universities
Wariyaporn Tieocharoen & Sucharat Rimkeeratikul
Order and Chaos in Young Adult Science Fiction: A Critical Stylistic Analysis
Suroor Yaseen Mustafa & Huda H. Khalil
An Action Research on EFL Writing Dilemmas: A Case of Saudi Students and Instructors
Miriam Alkubaidi
 Student Engagement for Quality Enhancement and Responding to Student Needs in the Moroccan University: The Case of the English Studies Track
 Spelling Problems and Causes among Saudi English Language Undergraduates
Dheifallah Altamimi & Radzuwan Ab Rashid
  178- 191
 The Effects of the Use of First Language on Learning English as a Second Language: Attitudes of Arabic EFL Learners
Abdulrahman Alzamil
English Language Education in Algeria: Hostage of an Exam-Centric Education System
The Perceptions and Beliefs of Saudi Preparatory Year Program Learners Towards Learning English: A Case Study
Rola A. Massri
220- 232
Creative Writing from Theory to Practice:Multi-Tasks for Developing Majmaah University Students’ Creative Writing Competence
Faiza Abdalla Elhussien Mohammed
Effects of Integrated Feedback on Academic Writing Achievement
Eason Yamalee & Supong Tangkiengsirisin
The Use of Information Tones in Obama’s Speech: A Phono-Pragmatic Analysis
Zahrah Hussein Shitwi , Zainab Abbodi Ali & Jinan Ahmed Khalil
 271 -286
The Use of Images for Teaching Abstract Words Versus Concrete Words: A Semiotic Study
Adil Mohammed Hamoud Qadha & Hassan Saleh Mahdi
 Teaching Tamazight in Mostaganem: Challenges and erspectives
Yasmina Sakina BELKHIR & Bakhta ABDELHAY
Foreign Language Anxiety: A Systematic Review
Ibrahim Naser Oteir & Abdullah Nijr Al-Otaibi
 Authorship Attribution Revisited: The Problem of Flash Fiction
A morphological-based Linguistic Stylometry Approach
Abdulfattah Omar , Basheer Ibrahim Elghayesh & Mohamed Ali Mohamed Kassem
 Effects of Learning Culture on English-Language Learning for Saudi EFL Students
Arwa Abdulaziz Aldawood & Fatimah Almeshari
The Important Role of Teachers’ Feedback during Speaking Activities in Moroccan Classes
Sana Sakale
Involve Me, and I Learn: Preparing English Language Intensive ProgramStudents to the Demands of their Academic Programs
Ali Ayed Alshahrani & Rashid Mahmood Mohammad
An Analysis of the Most Common Essay Writing Errors among EFL Saudi Female Learners (Majmaah University)
Sanaa Khatte
Effect of Focused and Unfocused Feedback on Learners’ Writing Accuracy within Different Gender and Cultural Background Groups
Tazkiyatunnafs Elhawwa , Dwi Rukmini , Januarius Mujiyanto & Djoko Sutopo
The Interplay between Social Contexts of Power and Aggravation Strategies: Identity-specific Perspectives in Fictional Discourse
V. Vinod Kumar , Vijay Singh Thakur & Justin James
Improving Postgraduates’ Academic Writing Skills with Summarizing Strategy
Edhah Numan Khazaal
 Phrasal Verbs in English as a Second/Foreign Language
Rana Abid Thyab
  429- 437
Introducing the Target Language Culture to EFL Learners to Enhance Sociocultural Competence
 438- 447
A Plea for a Focus on the Contrasts between Two Paradigms and Their Implications for Problem Statement
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