Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Volume 10. Number 2. June 2019                                                           Pp.1-2
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Metaoperational Linguistics: Issues of Translatability and Visibility
Kahlaoui Mohamed-Habib
Corpus-Assisted Critical Discourse Analysis of Saudi Vision 2030

Rashid Mahmood Mohammad & Ali Ayed Alshahrani

The Wider Social Context of School and Thai EFL University Learners

Sureepong Phothongsunan

Oral Corrective Feedback Techniques: An Investigation of the EFL Teachers’ Beliefs and Practices at Taif University

Reem Alkhammash & Fahmeedah Gulnaz

40 -54
The “Communicative Circle” Method in Teaching English at a UniversityElena Suvorova , Tatyana Ahmetzyanova& Kseniya Zharova 55- 67
Policies and Issues in Teaching English to Arab EFL Learners: A Saudi Arabian Perspective

Rashed Al-Tamimi

Lecturer’s Language Style and Students’ Academic Self Efficacy

in Higher Education of Indonesia

Fahmi Gunawan , Ros Mayasari , Wa Muna & Masruddin Masruddin

Using Instructional Scaffolding Strategies to Support Oral Productive Language Skills among English Majors at Majmaah University
Bothina S. M. Abdelshaheed
Code Switching by Female Students of Islamic School in Daily Communication: Modern Islamic Boarding School
Eka Susylowati , Sumarlam , Wakit Abdullah & Sri Marmanto
The Effect of an Intensive Language Course on Students’ Linguistic Performance at Majmaah University, Saudi Arabia
Majed O. Abahussain & Ahmed, Sami Hussein A.
Re-thinking the Practice of Teaching Literature to Enhance EFL Students’ Civic Skills: An Algerian Perspective
Mohammed KHELADI
Approaches to Crafting English as a Second Language on Social Media: An Ethnographic Case Study from Saudi Arabia
Nada Bin Dahmash
The Effects of Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures in Teaching Subject–Verb Agreement among Rural Sarawak Learners
Chong Xin Txin & Melor Md Yunus
Speech Act of Refusal on the Phone
Imed Samaali & Tahar Bayouli
Impact of Intensive Reading Strategy on English for Specific Purposes

College Students’ in Developing Vocabulary
Edhah Numan Khazaal

Using Awareness Raising in Syntactic and Semantic Errors to Foster Translation Performance among Majmaah University EFL Students
Eman Abdel-Reheem Amin
Refusal as a Social Speech Act among Thai EFL University Students

Yusop Boonsuk & Eric A. Ambele

Teaching to Test or Communicate

Mohammad Al Ghafri , Younes Audeh & Muhieddin Al-Gadallah

The Importance of Pedagogical Empiricism for Sensitizing University English Language Teachers in Arab Context

Saleh Ahmed Saif Abdulmughni

Readability of Reading Passages in English Textbooks and the Thai National Education English Test: A Comparative Study
Thanaporn Srisunakrua & Tipamas Chumworatayee
English Language Teaching: Historical Overview, Current Issues and Suggestions for Enhancing Speaking Proficiency in EFL Contexts
Yahya Ali Alghamdi , Ahmed Mohammed Alghamdi & Turki Gabr Alsolami
Functioning of Emotive-Evaluative Vocabulary in a Political Text

Liliya S. Polyakova , Elena V. Suvorova & Alexey Yu. Trutnev

Understanding of Reading among Teachers and Learners: A Descriptive Study of Pre-university English Language Teaching /Learning in Saudi Arabia
Mogbel Aid K Alenizi
Student-Teacher Responsibilities in English Studies: An Empirical Analysis of Arab Student and English Faculty Perceptions

Kashif Raza

Linguistic Hegemony of English Language in the Medical Context of King Abdullah Hospital

Hanan Sarhan Alsubaiai

Bloom’s Taxonomy and Moroccan Children’s Vocabulary and Critical Thinking Skills Development

Mounia Benjelloun & Yamina El Kirat El Allame

342 -352
Attitudes of Saudi EFL Learners towards Speaking Skills
Jamal Kaid Mohammed Ali , Muayad Abdulhalim Shamsan , Rajakumar Guduru & Nirmala Yemmela
Narrowing the Achievement Gap between EFL Students in Oral Expression through Cooperative Learning

Tarek Ghodbane & Hafida Hamzaoui El Achachi

365 -378
Interactional Metadiscourse Markers in the Abstract Sections of Arabic Patents
Manal Mahmoud Alzarieni , Intan Safinaz Zainudin , Norsimah Mat Awal
Mohamed Zain Sulaiman
Literary Pragmatics

Fareed Hameed Al-Hindawi & Mariam D. Saffah

Promoting Critical Thinking as a Social Practice: Shaping Students’ Voice, Agency and Inter-Subjectivity in a Cohesive Framework

Khalid Almashikhi & Vijay Singh Thakur

The Import of the Syllable in Phonological Analysis: Epenthesis and Deletion in Mostaganem Spoken Arabic

Radia Benyoucef

Iraqi EFL Teachers’ Assessment Literacy: Perceptions and Practices
Fryad Hama Najib Muhammad & Mehmet BARDAKÇI
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