Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Volume 11. Number1. March 2020                     Pp.1- 2

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Determining How Social Media Affects Learning English: An Investigation of Mobile Applications Instagram and Snap Chat in TESOL Classroom
Hind Abdulaziz Al Fadda
 3- 11
Suggestions to Increase Oral Participation in an at-risk Chilean Public Primary EFL Classroom
Tulio Barrios Bulling & Nicole Garay Guzmán
Phonological Problems of Omani EFL Learners: Pedagogical Perspectives and Implications
Vijay Singh Thakur
Cognitive Presence in a Blended Learning Environment at Jordanian Universities
Jibrel Harb & Pramela Krish
 44 -51
Impact of Watching Cartoons on Pronunciation of a Child in an EFL Setting: A Comparative Study with Problematic Sounds of EFL Learners
Ali S. Alghonaim
The Use of Question Modification Strategies in ESL Class
Zailani Jusoh , Junaidah Abdul Rahman & Hishamuddin Salim
 69- 78
Analysis of Lexical and Cohesive Ties usage in Undergraduate Students’ Writing by Applying Task-Based Language Learning Methodology
Mufleh Salem M. Alqahtani & Kesavan Vadakalur Elumalai
 79 -90
Learning Styles of Indonesian EFL Students: Culture and Learning
Yana Shanti Manipuspika
Enhancing EFL learners’ English Proficiency and Intelligence by implementing The Eclectic Method of Language Teaching
Najmus Sarifa
 EFL Teachers’ Attitudes towards the Use of Mobile Devices in Learning English at A University in Vietnam
Loc Van Vo & Linh Thuy Vo
The Challenges and Prospects of Using E-learning among EFL Students in Bisha University
Mohammed Mohammed Nasser Hassan Ja’ashan
The Effect of Semantic Mapping and Question Generation Teaching Strategies on English as a Second Language Tertiary Students’ Reading achievement
Sabah Salman Sabbah
Discourse Markers in Arabic and English Newspaper Articles: The Case of the Arabic Lakin and its English equivalent But
Haroon N. Alsager , Naeem Afzal & Arwa A .Aldawood
 154 -165
Investigating the Use of Language in Islam-related News: Evidence from Selected Non-Western Online Newspapers
Isyaku Hassan , Mohd Nazri Latiff Azmi & Aliyu Abdullahi
Investigating Teachers’ Perceptions of the Influence of Professional Development on Teachers’ Performance and Career Progression
Nesrin Tantawy
The Detective and Sensation Fiction of Wilkie Collins:A Computational Lexical-Semantic Analysis
Abdulfattah Omar
Difficulties Encountering Multileveled Classes Teachers’ in Teaching Reading Comprehension
(A case study of Cambridge Training Centers and British Educational Institutes in Khartoum State, Sudan)
Osama Yousif Ibrahim Abualzain
212 -230
 A Sociolinguistic Investigation of Compliments and Compliment Responses among Young Saudis
Saad Alqarni
Appropriate Teaching Methods for General English and English for Specific Purposes from Teachers’ Perspectives
Lubna Khalil & Brunhielda Kholofelo Semono-Eke
Digital Storytelling as a Communicative Language Teaching Based Method in EFL Classrooms
Haifa Mohammed Al-Amri
Teachers’ Roles Beyond and Within the Context: An Ever-Changing Concept
Sharmin Siddiqui & Md. Mostaq Ahamed
 Perception of Saudi EFL Learners and Teachers towards the Use of Listening Transcript in the Listening Lessons
Mariuam Jamal , Ammar Anas & Nisar Ahmad Koka
Quantitative Analysis of the Foreign Language Anxiety: Chinese and Pakistani Postgraduates in Focus
Sameena Malik, Huang Qin, Said Muhammad khan & Khalid Ahmed
Pragmatics of Political Blame in British and Iraqi Parliaments
Ammar Ghalib Saleem & Rihab Abduljaleel Saeed Alattar
Second Language Acquisition of Quantifiers by Arabic Speakers of English:   Feature Reassembly Approach
Rashidah Albaqami
    376 -388
 Sociocultural Studies via CDA in Native Son (1939)
Hamid Farahmandian & Lu Shao
     389- 398
A Review of Research into Google Apps in the Process of English Language Learning and Teaching
Eman Abdel-Reheem Amin
A Thorough Examination of Teens Drug Slang in Algeria
The Influence of Implementing Reciprocal Teaching in L2 Classes on Female Students’ Perception of their Reading Skills and Motivation to Read
Maysa Mohammad Sadiq Qutob
  432- 443
Teaching and Testing English in the Algerian Educational System
Othmane Meriem & Naima Bouyakoub
 444  458
The Effect of SPAWN Strategy in Developing Persuasive Writing Skills
and Productive Habits of Mind
Amal Musaed Alkthery & Dalal Abdullah Al-Qiawi
 459. 481
 A Systematic Review of the Outcomes of Using Action Research in Education
Djihed Messikh
The Effect of Local Arabic Dialects on Learning English Language Pronunciation
Waleed Abd Elwahab
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