Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Special Issue on CALL No.2 July, 2015                                    Pp. 124– 133

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Zotero Software: A Means of Bibliographic Research and Data Organisation; Teaching Bibliographic Research 

Nadia Idri
Faculty of Arts and Languages, University of Bejaia



The aim of the paper is to introduce the Zotero software as a technological tool and implement it in the syllabus of the subject “Bibliographic Research” to teach master students at Bejaia University. This free, easy-to-use tool can help master students specialized in didactics and applied linguistics in Bejaia manage the great amount of the available data online. This project is suggested after diagnosing a serious problem learners face when starting data collection to accomplish their projects and research works. Needs analysis through teaching this subject since 2007 demonstrated how learners meet difficulties to find out resources and organize them. Hence, the paper suggests the integration of the Zotero software in the syllabus to help students collect, organize, cite and share resources efficiently.
Keywords: bibliographic research, data collection, EFL students, research, research, methodology, Zotero software


Nadia Idri has been teaching at Bejaia University for twelve years. Specialized in educational
psychology, ELT and Applied Linguistics, she is interested in conducting research on affective
factors, applied linguistics, learner autonomy, basic and higher education, technology education
and LMD Reform. Nadia masters four languages and translates in three of them (English-FrenchArabic). She has published in many national and international journals; she has been a member
of various scientific committees and chairing sessions in national and international conferences
and chaired many of them in her university and now at international levels. She has a reviewing
and editing experience with many journals. Actually, she is the chair of the scientific committee
in her Department and a chair of the master she created: Applied Linguistics and ELT. Nadia is
also a founding member in BEST student association to develop autonomy, creativity and sense
of initiative in her students. She is the founder of the Creative Writing Days event in Bejaia
University in partnership with BEST