Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Volume 10. Number 2. June 2019                                                     Pp. 88-101

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Using Instructional Scaffolding Strategies to Support Oral Productive Language
Skills among English Majors at Majmaah University

Bothina S. M. Abdelshaheed
English Department, College of Education
Majmaah University, Azulfi, Saudi Arabia
Curriculum & Instruction Department, College of Education,
New Valley University, Egypt


This study aimed at investigating whether using some instructional scaffolding strategies would be effective in developing oral productive skills among female English majors in the college of education in Azulfi, Majmaah University. It also aimed to know the size of that effectiveness. The participants of the study were 62 and they were divided equally into two groups; the experimental one studied the course with the intervention of the instructional scaffolding strategies and the control group studied the same course without any intended focus on the instructional scaffolding. The study adopted the pre-post design; average scores of the participants were calculated using T-test.  The ratio of effectiveness was calculated using the Modified Black’s Gain Ratio. Results were very promising as they revealed significant improvement in the mean scores of the experimental group in the oral test as T-test value was (5.41). The evidence indicated that using instructional scaffolding strategies was effective as the ratio of effectiveness was (1.06). Results highlighted the real value of instructional scaffolding while teaching oral skills in English class. It is highly recommended to integrate instructional scaffolding strategies as an inspirable element of English courses and to further investigate the processes that the teachers focus on while scaffolding.
Keywords: Instructional Scaffolding, Language Learning, Oral Productive Skills, Teaching English

Cite as:  Abdelshaheed, B. S. M. (2019) Using Instructional Scaffolding Strategies to Support Oral Productive Language Skills among English Majors at Majmaah University. Arab World English Journal10 (2) 88-101. DOI:


Dr. Bothina S. Abdelshaheed is an assistant professor in TEFL at Majmaah University, Saudi
Arabia and at College of Education at New Valley University, Egypt. Her research interests
related TEFL approaches and methods, Digital learning and Applied Linguistics. She started her
career as a professional faculty member since January 2001 till current.