Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Special Issue on CALL No.3 July 2016                                                Pp.239-245

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Using Cartoon in Language Classroom from a Constructivist Point of View 

 Nimer Abuzahra
English Department
Faculty of Arts, Hebron University, Palestine 

      Mohammed Abdel-Hakim Farrah
English Department
Faculty of Arts, Hebron University, Palestine 

Sarah Zalloum
 English Department
Faculty of Arts – Hebron University, Palestine


This paper aims to explore how animated cartoon as a pedagogical material can be employed in language classroom from a constructivist point of view. Through examination of existing literature, this study outlines the numerous pedagogical values of using cartoon. It presents the characteristics of cartoon that bring much valuable effects to language learning. The paper discusses both the efficiency of animated cartoon as an authentic audiovisual learning material and how it can be employed in language classroom in order to satisfy the intended pedagogical outcomes of the 21st century. Although many teaching approaches can be utilized in order to promote the effectiveness of authentic materials for second language teaching, the model of constructivism enables learners to get benefits of educational technological resources, mainly, animated cartoon. Constructivism is a social-based teaching approach that encourages learners to construct knowledge from the surrounding social context throughout a process of investigation. In relation to the concept of cartoon, it works as incentive tool that enhances learners’ social involvement within both collaborative discussion and the content of animated film. The paper concludes by drawing some implications of the concept of using cartoon in language classroom from a constructivist point of view.
Key words: animated pictures, cartoon, sociocultural theory constructivism, motivation, social interaction, cognition


Nimer Ali Ahmed Abuzahra: Holding a doctor of Philosophy from Clark Atlanta University,
USA. 1993. Majoring in American literature/ Southern fiction. MA degree from Atlanta
University, majoring in American literature and BA from Yarmouk University, Jordan. Taught in
the United States (Clark Atlanta University) for thirteen years, graduate and undergraduate
courses such as American literature, comparative literature, and literary criticism. Held
administrative positions at Hebron University, Vice president for external affairs for more than
five years, and Dean of Graduate Studies for two years.